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This classic is considered our flagship cake. Rich with the choicest, seasoned dry fruits. A Christmas-time special but available throughout the year.
From ₹ 550.00 incl tax
A fluffy cake with the original flavour of banana and raisins, with minimal banana syrup icing on top. A local favourite.
From ₹ 400.00 incl tax
A soft, gently sweet, fluffy cake with the richness of butter, generously topped with broken cashew nuts.
From ₹ 400.00 incl tax
The butterscotch cake with soft butter and caramel flavoured icing, topped with crunchy pralines.
From ₹ 500.00 incl tax
A soft and moist cake with the subtle flavour of caramel and butter, and sprinkled through with cashew nuts.
From ₹ 450.00 incl tax
A traditional, homely delicacy, and a soft brown cake, suffused with the goodness of caramel.
From ₹ 400.00 incl tax
A checkerboard fantasy of rich chocolate and vanilla, topped with chocolate glaze and chocolate gratings.
₹ 1,200.00 incl tax
excluding shipping
Rich and moist chocolate sandwich cake with glazed chocolate icing and decorative topping of nuts.
From ₹ 400.00 incl tax
A rich, smooth cake combining the original flavours of honey and coffee cream.
From ₹ 440.00 incl tax
Soft and moist vanilla cake topped with juicy baked pineapple.
From ₹ 500.00 incl tax
A classic velvet cake with superior buttery, vanilla and cocoa flavours, with the delicious tang of buttermilk
From ₹ 500.00 incl tax

Treat your loved ones and yourselves to a special treat on all those special occasions in your life with Square One Cakes. Choose from a variety of delicious home made cakes from our online store or drop in at Square One Homemade Treats, Pattom.

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