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An attractive cherry laden chocolatey cake, considered the prince among pastries.
₹1,200.00 incl tax
Butterscotch Pastry
₹1,050.00 incl tax
Mocha Victoria Pastry
₹1,350.00 incl tax
Orange Jelly Pastry
₹1,350.00 incl tax
Many forms of the tiramisu cake is in the market. We have chosen to make the perfect dessert of all. Cannot keep the spoon down once you start.
₹110.00 incl tax
Vanilla Chocolate Pastry
₹1,050.00 incl tax
A princess among pastries, this is an all white cherry laden cake.
₹1,200.00 incl tax
Birthday Cake Trivnadrum

Treat your loved ones and yourselves to a special treat on all those special occasions in your life with Square One Cakes. Choose from a variety of delicious home made cakes from our online store or drop in at Square One Homemade Treats, Pattom.

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