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Rich with the choicest, seasoned dry fruits. Richest of the rich in town. A Christmas-time special but available throughout the year.
From ₹550.00 incl tax
Battenberg is a light sponge cake held together with cream.Displays a distinctive two-by-two check pattern alternately coloured pink and chocolate.
₹1,020.00 incl tax
excluding shipping
A rich robust cake enriched with white chocolate and brown sugar.
From ₹600.00 incl tax
With chocolate chip in every mouthful. A delicious crumbly topping, this is one of the front runners.
From ₹450.00 incl tax
Chocolate Biscuit Cake can be served as dessert or a breakfast coffee cake
₹1,040.00 incl tax
excluding shipping
Love coffee & chocolates? Here is a delightful cake, taking the traditional sponge variants of chocolate and coffee and putting them together with frosting cream!
From ₹500.00 incl tax
A traditional cake showing the marble effect of chocolate and vanilla .the cake has a very smooth texture too.
From ₹400.00 incl tax
A lot of melted bar chocolate goes with it’s, making which enhances the chocolate flavour.
₹520.00 incl tax
excluding shipping
The combination of chocolate and orange makes it a superb pastry.
From ₹500.00 incl tax
Lemon cake, naturally flavoured with orange peel and covered with orange glaze
From ₹495.00 incl tax
A superb chiller for coffee lovers on a hot summer day.
From ₹480.00 incl tax
If you haven't tried the Dulce de Leche Cake, try it now. With rich flavour of caramelized milk and a beautifully simple top, this is just an irresistible cake for all Caramel lovers.
From ₹560.00 incl tax
An excellent soft and moist cake for coffee lovers.
₹660.00 incl tax
excluding shipping
A traditional, old-fashioned cake rich in honey flavour.
₹400.00 incl tax
excluding shipping
If you are in need of a chocolate cake and also watching your calorie intake, then this might be just the right cake for you. With butter is replaced by mayonnaise in the cake, and yoghurt used for icing, this healthy cake is will satisfy your inner chocoholic self.
₹1,040.00 incl tax
excluding shipping
Birthday Cake Trivnadrum

Treat your loved ones and yourselves to a special treat on all those special occasions in your life with Square One Cakes. Choose from a variety of delicious home made cakes from our online store or drop in at Square One Homemade Treats, Pattom.

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