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As the name suggests, lot of peanut butter, in the cake and the frosting. Excellent taste.
₹1,100.00 incl tax
excluding shipping
₹1,000.00 incl tax
excluding shipping
A colourful cake with vanilla, chocolate and strawberry with a chocolate glaze topping.
₹750.00 incl tax
excluding shipping
A smooth textured cake with a riot of colours.
From ₹550.00 incl tax
Queen among chocolate cakes. It is chocolaty and creamy till the last bite.
₹1,280.00 incl tax
excluding shipping
The ultimate chocolate extravaganza.
₹900.00 incl tax
excluding shipping
Feel the fantastic fusion of nutty brownie base with soft vanilla cake, frosted with light chocolate icing in this Vanilla Brownie Cake.
From ₹450.00 incl tax
A melodious topping of chopped pineapple making a very liked cake.
₹800.00 incl tax
excluding shipping
Another chocolate flavoured cake much preferred for tea time.
From ₹500.00 incl tax
Specialty cakes with plenty of white chocolate in the cake and frosting giving it an irresistible taste.
From ₹600.00 incl tax
An elaborate cake showing streaks of chocolate and a rich topping attractively presented.
From ₹560.00 incl tax
Birthday Cake Trivnadrum

Treat your loved ones and yourselves to a special treat on all those special occasions in your life with Square One Cakes. Choose from a variety of delicious home made cakes from our online store or drop in at Square One Homemade Treats, Pattom.

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